Training Opportunities for CBE and Eligible Businesses

The Train Green Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Capacity Building and Pipeline Program (Train Green SEICBP) is a new training, credentialing, and certification program for District Certified Business Enterprises (CBEs) and/or CBE-eligible firms. This program is designed to assist CBEs and CBE-eligible firms in acquiring new or enhanced skills and knowledge around energy efficiency and renewable energy design, construction, inspection, and maintenance. 

All trainings and certification courses are offered at no cost to participants on a rolling basis. This program is designed to expand the local green workforce and local business opportunities.  New courses are now available for full registration! View all the course details by clicking the button below.

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  • CBE or CBE Eligible Firm employees (all professional levels: entry level or continuing education)
  • Contractors in or looking to offer energy efficiency or renewable energy services
  • Building Owners, Property managers, Building Operators
  • Electricians, Plumbing, Lighting, or HVAC technicians
  • Engineers or Energy service providers
  • Architects, designers, and safety engineers
  • Renewable Energy/Solar providers

Course Topics

  • Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst
  • Energy Modeling
  • Facilities Management and Energy Efficient Building Operations
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Introduction to Benchmarking and Data Verification
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
  • Renewable Energy/Solar Fundamentals and Design

Upcoming Training Sessions

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Certified Energy Manager On-Demand Training Program and CEM Exam (Self-Paced)

09/16/2021 8:00AM - 09/27/2021 5:00PM

Provider:Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)

Course Dates:
Six-Month Access for each Participant / CEM exam held via remote proctoring according to individual participant’s schedules
24 Recorded Training Hours – 0.5 day exam / 2.4 CEU
Registration Deadline: September 27th at COB

Course Description:
The Certified Energy Manager On-Demand Training Program offers the full-length version of the CEM program (20+ training hours), through pre-recorded sessions from multiple instructors. Participants will also receive a physical copy of the workbook to prepare for their exam. The instructor teaches participants energy relationships and the equations and calculations that govern them. As a CEM, it is easier to optimize a system when these fundamentals are understood. When used as a certification exam preparation tool, the on-demand program effectively prepares participants for the CEM exam because they are more comfortable performing energy-related equations.

Course Value:$1,695

You Pay: $0

All training and certification courses are offered at no cost to participants on a first come, first serve basis. Due to the time commitment for this course, registrants will only be allowed to signup for this course if they are not registered for any other courses through the DCSEU that present a time conflict (unless that course is self-paced). This program is designed to expand the local green workforce and local business opportunities.

Other no cost trainings and certifications offered outside of the DCSEU.

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Interested in becoming a Certified Business Enterprise? Please visit The Department of Small & Local Business Development (DSLBD) certification webpage or view CBE certification criteria for more information. DSLBD hosts one-on-one sessions that are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month.

DSLBD also offers resources through the DSLBD Toolkit.