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Multifamily Air Sealing Strategies to Pass Unit Infiltration Testing Requirements (Self-Paced)

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Course Description

This session will provide an overview of the importance of an air barrier including the most important design considerations, common shortfalls in design and execution, and the difference between a whole building air barrier and a unit-by-unit compartmentalization air barrier.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand difference between whole building air barrier and compartmentalization
  • Understand benefits of compartmentalization including energy efficiency, improved comfort, reduced pests, and enhanced indoor air quality
  • Articulate the pros and cons of whole building options for air barriers
  • Define the ‘redline’ air barrier for a building and multifamily unit for unitized compartmentalization
  • Identify air barrier transitions and where new details are needed to confirm a continuous air barrier is maintained
  • Discover weak points in executing an air barrier on site. Real world examples from site photos will include typical multifamily design details, building materials, and strategies


Company Name: Steven Winters Associates

Instructor:  Joseph Andracchio, PE, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Joseph Andracchio is a Senior Sustainability Consultant specializing in a range of residential green building programs and consulting including LEED for Homes, ENERGY STAR, Passive House, and NGBS. He has 10 years of experience ranging from single family to multifamily high rise completing diagnostics, air barrier consulting, energy modeling and performance testing.

Course Type: Module length: 1-hour

Prerequisites: N/A

Course Dates: Online on-demand

Registration Deadline: Access open until 09/15


Exam / Record of Completion: Certificate of Completion

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