How to shop for an Energy Efficient Refrigerator

If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, there are many models available in many sizes, and with a wide range of features. With so many choices, picking the best refrigerator for your needs can be daunting. Here is a quick guide to help you purchase the right refrigerator for your home.

Two steps: Consider what features are important for you; compare the energy efficient models you like

When to replace your old fridge or freezer

If you have a second refrigerator in the garage or basement

Retire and recycle it.

Retiring a second refrigerator or freezer can help you save up to $150 a year on your electric bills. How to recycle your old fridge.

If your fridge or freezer was made before 1993

It's time for a new one.

ENERGY STAR refrigerators use half the electricity of standard models manufactured before 1993.

If your fridge or freezer was made between 1993-1999

Consider replacing it if:

  • You have a side-by-side refrigerator (they use 25% more energy)
  • Your household size has shrunk and you could use a smaller model
  • It has been unreliable or required repairs in the past

Use the ENERGY STAR refrigerator calculator to find out how much energy and money your old fridge or freezer is using. The energy savings may justify replacing the refrigerator sooner rather than later.

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The DCSEU offers $75 - $100 rebates on qualifying refrigerators. The select appliances eligible for this rebate help you save more energy and money, while helping to protect the environment.

Qualifying Products

See below for Eligibility requirements.

View the list of qualifying refrigerators


  • Refrigerators must be listed on the DCSEU’s Qualified Products List to be eligible for rebates.
  • The select ENERGY STAR refrigerators eligible for a $75 rebate must meet the Consortium for Energy Efficiency’s (CEE) Tier 1 specifications.
  • The refrigerators eligible for a $100 rebate must meet CEE Tier 2 or 3 specifications, or ENERGY STAR Most Efficient specifications.
  • Limit of one refrigerator rebate per electric utility account per calendar year.
  • Offer is valid on technologies installed from 10/1/19-9/30/20. Rebates must be submitted or postmarked by 9/30/2020 in order to qualify.

Apply for Rebates

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