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  • Your A/C Maintenance Checklist


    Dirt and neglect are the top causes of heating and cooling system inefficiency and failure. While many can be completed on your own, proper maintenance by a qualified technician is one of the most …
  • Growing A Business Through Energy Efficiency


    “We have used the things we have learned, the experience we have gained, and the relationships we have built working with the DCSEU to expand into energy efficiency work in Maryland and Virginia."

    - …

  • 5 Ceiling Fan Hacks to Help You Keep Cool & Save Energy


    Go in the right direction.

    Setting the fan's blades to spin counter-clockwise can help you feel cooler by creating a cool breeze. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that when using a ceiling fan …

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  • Focus on Green Technology: Building Sustainable Cities of the Future


    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Washington, DC, January 24 2018 – Today, the DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) is proud to hold Focus on Green Technology: Building Sustainable Cities of the Future. The event seeks to bring emerging energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability technologies from all over the world to the District of Columbia, giving industry experts and innovators a chance to convene and discuss challenges and opportunities for a brighter future through smart green tech. “We are proud to bring these companies to the District to present their ideas and to provide District residents and businesses with a platform to learn about and access state-of-art technologies for higher energy cost savings and lower carbon emissions benefitting everyone,” said Ted Trabue, Managing Director of the DCSEU.
  • DCSEU to invest $2 Million in Energy Efficiency Projects Benefitting Vulnerable Communities


    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Washington, DC, January 22 2018 – The DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) is proud to announce that it will invest $2 million in competitive and innovative projects that improve energy efficiency in low-income communities. With the Income Qualified Efficiency Fund, the DCSEU will provide incentives for energy efficiency upgrades – both gas and electric – in affordable housing or institutions that serve vulnerable populations, such as clinics and shelters, in the District. To implement the projects, the DCSEU will focus on working with local contractors, especially District-based Certified Business Enterprises (CBEs) registered with the District Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD).
  • How to Brace for “Bomb Cyclone”


    When the bomb cyclone sweeps over the DC area, temperatures might drop further to record-lows in continuation of a cold snap that has punished the U.S. for the past 10 days. The cold has driven up heating fuel demand to unprecedented levels while prices have skyrocketed to rare highs.