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Cx in Practice: A How-to for Code Compliance and Quality Assurance in DC (Self-Paced)

Tags: Train Green, SEICBP, contractors

Course Description

We can all read the code requirements for commissioning and project acceptance activities, but what do these actually look like on a project? This session will explain how you can meet the code and get the most out of your commissioning providers. In a Washington, DC specific session, the specifics of code commissioning process will be discussed, examples of key documents reviewed, and methods for leveraging the expertise of commissioning agents identified.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand commissioning requirements in the DC energy conservation code
  • Assess if your project requires a commissioning process to meet the code
  • Evaluate how commissioning can improve project quality
  • Apply lessons learned from case studies and examples of commissioning projects in DC


Company Name: Steven Winters Associates

Instructor:  Bob Hayes, EIT, CBC

As a Senior Building Systems Engineer at Steven Winter Associates, Bob provides leadership and technical expertise for new and existing building commissioning projects.

Course Type: Module length: 1-hour

Prerequisites: N/A

Course Dates: Online on-demand

Registration Deadline: Unlimited access until 9/15


Exam / Record of Completion: Certificate of Completion

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