What is a Smart Thermostat?

A smart thermostat is a home heating and cooling control that has the same benefits as a programmable thermostat, with additional controllability to save you energy. Smart thermostats have functionality to adjust HVAC schedules based on local sensors, software algorithms, and/or occupancy sensors. This means that based on your temperature settings, over time the thermostat will slowly adjust your settings by incremental amounts to save energy while maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Many smart thermostats are wi-fi enabled so you can manage and control your temperature settings with an online portal or with an app.

Keep in mind that smart thermostats may not be compatible with certain heating and cooling systems. Check with the thermostat manufacturer, the manufacturer of your heating and cooling system, or a certified contractor to determine if a smart thermostat will work in your home.

DC Residents who purchase and install a smart thermostat listed on the DCSEU Qualifying Product List on or after October 1, 2021 are eligible for a rebate up to $50.

If you have a thermostat provided by the Pepco Energy Wise RewardsTM program, you are not eligible for this rebate. Visit the Pepco Energy Wise Rewards program website or call 1-866-353-5798 for more information.

Pepco’s Energy Wise Rewards Program

If you are in the market for a new programmable thermostat, you may want to consider signing up for Pepco’s Energy Wise Rewards Program and receive a programmable thermostat at no charge. In addition, receive an installation bill credit of up to $60 plus annual reward credits of up to $60 off your bill during the summer.

In exchange, Pepco will install a web-programmable thermostat or outdoor switch at your home at no charge and cycle it during peak-use times of summer, called Peak Savings Days.  On Peak Savings Days, Energy Wise Rewards works to reduce electricity usage by “cycling” Energy Wise Rewards participants’ central air conditioners or heat pumps, managing energy use, and reducing the need for costly, new electrical infrastructure.

Choose your Energy Wise Rewards participation level:

Cycling Option Temperature
Annual RewardInstallation CreditTotal Rewards for First 12 Months
 50%  1-3 degrees  $30    $30  Up to $60 
 75%   2-4 degrees $45  $45  Up to $90
 100% 4-7 degrees $60 $60 Up to $120

If you plan to upgrade to your own programmable thermostat or a smart thermostat, you can still participate in Energy Wise Rewards with an outdoor switch that Pepco will install outdoors on your central air conditioner or heat pump compressor at no charge. This device will cycle your system on Peak Savings Days in the summer and reduce your energy usage on these high electric-use days. You will receive all the Energy Wise Rewards program benefits stated above.

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Qualifying Product

Qualifying Source

Rebate Amount

Qualifying Criteria

 Smart Thermostat* ENERGY STAR Certified Up to $50
  • For purchases after 10/1/23**
  • Must not have received Pepco Energy Wise Rewards thermostat
  • Limit 2 per household
  • Offer is available until 09/30/24

*Compatibility of smart thermostats may vary from system to system. Customers should always check with the thermostat manufacturer, the manufacturer of their heating and cooling equipment, and / or with a certified contractor to determine compatibility prior to purchasing a smart thermostat. 
**Smart thermostats must be purchased new. Re-sale thermostats and new parts installed in existing thermostats do not qualify.

Disclaimer: The DCSEU website has the most up-to-date rebate information. Please refer back to this table or DCSEU rebate applications for accurate rebate amounts.


Work with your contractor to find out which equipment is eligible for rebates or apply for a rebate online if you have worked with a contractor to install qualifying equipment. For more information, contact us at 202-479-2222 or [email protected].

The thermostat rebate offer is only available to residents of the District of Columbia who have not already received a Pepco Energy Wise Rewards thermostat in their home. Current Energy Wise Rewards participants with an outdoor switch provided by Pepco may also be eligible for the DCSEU thermostat rebate. Limit of two rebates per household.

  • Smart thermostats must be ENERGY STAR Qualified and can be self-installed or installed by a contractor.
  • Proof of Purchase: A receipt showing the thermostat model number, and purchase date must be submitted with the rebate application for all thermostats. Smart thermostats must be purchased new. Re-sale thermostats and new parts installed in existing thermostats do not qualify.
  • Proof of Activation: For smart thermostat rebate applications, verification of activation must be submitted. Please submit either 1) copy of email confirmation of activation from device manufacturer, or 2) a copy of emailed monthly energy report by the thermostat manufacturer.
  • Rebate amount to be paid may not exceed thermostat purchase value.

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