Why Get a Commercial Energy Audit?

Energy audits are essential to identifying how your building is currently using energy and ways to reduce that energy usage through new energy-efficient equipment and operations and maintenance strategies. These strategies can optimize the life, performance, and efficiency of current and future equipment, ultimately cutting costs and emissions at your facility.

ASHRAE Audit Types

There are several different types of audits that can be performed in a building to uncover savings opportunities. The DCSEU is providing incentives for qualifying ASHRAE Level II audits.

A basic "walkthrough" audit that provides a high-level overview of opportunities for increased building performance. A staff questionnaire, site visit, and utility bill review are common.
Includes completion of a Level I audit but also includes a detailed analysis of the building energy systems, external and internal conditions that can affect building performance and comfort, utility rates, etc. Level II audits provide a qualitative and quantitative analysis that will help identify implementation cost, savings, payback, equipment life-cycle cost information, as well as recommendations for changes in operation and maintenance strategies to increase building performance.
This includes many, if not all, of the steps found in audit levels I and II. This is the most time intensive and detailed audit of the three. These are used to help conduct a cost-benefit analysis of particularly capital-intensive upgrades through long-term data collection and analysis.

Audit Incentive Offer

As of January 1, 2024, the audit incentive offer is fully subscribed. If you are in the process of completing or have completed an energy audit and considering implementing efficiency measures, please contact of one of our Account Managers or complete the form on our "Start a Project" page.

Audit Assistance

Audit Type

Building Requirements BEPS Status

Incentive (per square foot)

ASHRAE Level II ≥ 50,000 sq. ft. Does not meet BEPS 5 cents per sq. ft. up to $15,000
ASHRAE Level II ≥ 50,000 sq. ft. Meets BEPS 2.5 cents per sq. ft. up to $7,500

All buildings at or over 50,000 sq ft are eligible for:

  • Optional benchmarking data analysis to ensure benchmarking data and score is accurate*
  • Custom preliminary incentive analysis provided by the DCSEU after audit is completed

*Disclaimer – Benchmarking data analysis offered as a part of this program by the DCSEU is not a substitute for 3rd party verification as required by the Department of Energy and Environment.

Eligibility & Next Steps

Your building may be eligible for commercial audit assistance if:

  • The building is located in the District of Columbia and is at least 50,000 sq. ft. Buildings that do not currently meet DC’s BEPS are eligible for higher incentives for completing a qualifying audit.

Audit eligibility:

  • Must complete an ASHRAE Level II Audit that meets 211-2018 standards with DC Amendments.
  • Limit of two audit incentives per company per fiscal year unless prior approval by the DCSEU.
  • The audit must be completed by a DCSEU Participating Auditor.

Next Steps & What can I expect?

  1. Complete the program interest form below.
  2. A DCSEU Account Manager will contact you to discuss the incentive offer and share the Audit Incentive Participation Agreement to be completed by the customer.
  3. Choose a DCSEU Participating Auditor from the list.
  4. Customer and DCSEU sign Participation Agreement reserving audit incentive funds.
  5. Customer completes qualifying ASHRAE Level II audit with a DCSEU Participating Auditor.
  6. Customer provides the following information and documentation to receive incentive:
    • Copy of ASHRAE audit and all associated savings calculations
    • Copy of the invoice for the audit.
    • Completion of 1-hr meeting with customer, DCSEU representative, and auditor to review and prioritize potential projects.
    • W9 and copy of Pepco and Washington Gas utility bills.
    • Utility release forms for energy usage data.
  7. Work with a DCSEU Account Manager to see what additional, DCSEU incentives are available to help you take action on opportunities to cut energy consumption and costs in your building.
  8. Get Started

Start the Process, Get Your Building Back on Track

Fill out the form below and start the process to get an audit incentive for your building.

You can check your building's score here

Interested in becoming a Participating Auditor with the DCSEU?

Contractors providing ASHRAE Level II Audit Services within the District of Columbia and meet the required criteria are encouraged to apply.

Participating Audit Firms must employ one or more certified professionals to complete the Energy Audit. For purposes of this Program, a certified professional shall be an employee who holds one or more of the following credentials:

  • MFBA from Building Performance Institute (BPI) for Multi-Family property types
  • CEM Certified Energy Manager (Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) Certification)
  • CEA (AEE Certification)
  • BEAP from ASHRAE
  • HBDP from ASHRAE

Additional relevant ASHRAE, BPI, or RESNET certifications may be submitted for DCSEU consideration but will require DCSEU pre-approval in writing prior to acceptance as a Participating Auditor

If interested, please schedule a meeting with Trade Ally Manager, Rick Fleury, to answer any questions and to receive a copy of the enrollment form for this program.

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