Eligible Projects

  • Customers that already have an existing project with their building in its performance period will not be disqualified from receiving P4P incentives, however the DCSEU will need to adjust its analysis of the energy use in your building. Please reach out to your Account Manager to discuss your P4P project in more detail.
  • For property owners and managers interested in pursuing a new P4P project, the DCSEU will discuss projects on a case-by-case basis to determine eligibility. Contact an Account Manager to discuss your potential project or call 202-479-2222.

Projects may be eligible for the DCSEU P4P program if:

  • Target project savings are greater than 5% reduction of annual energy consumption
  • Annual target project savings exceed 100,000 kWh of electricity or 500 MMBtu of natural gas
  • Metered data is available, such as 15-minute interval electric data or gas utility monthly data
  • Work is completed with a DCSEU P4P Contractor. Interested in becoming a P4P Contractor? Contact Us

New construction does not qualify for P4P. New construction and efficiency projects at buildings where metered baseline information is not available may still qualify for DCSEU commercial programs.

Types of Projects

A DCSEU Account Manager can help you identify opportunities in your building or portfolio of buildings. There are a number of energy-savings projects for which the DCSEU P4P program may be particularly well-suited:

  • Complex, multi-measure efficiency projects including those with behavioral or operational changes, where it is difficult to estimate savings
  • Re-commissioning and retro-commissioning of existing equipment
  • Advanced building controls and upgraded building automation systems, such as thermostats and sensors
  • Use of an Energy Management Information System to identify and implement efficiency measures

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