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Since 2011, the DCSEU has worked with contractors across the District and surrounding area to help DC residents, businesses, and institutions save money and energy. The DCSEU is especially focused on working with Certified Business Enterprises (CBEs) and other District-based contractors to create opportunities for local businesses and jobs for DC residents. From direct contracting opportunities with the DCSEU to perform energy efficiency and renewable energy work, to providing rebates as a DCSEU Participating Contractor, there are a number of ways to take advantage of DCSEU rebates and services to build your business and provide added value for your customers.

DCSEU FY 2022 Contractor 101/102

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Join the DCSEU Contractor Network

  • Sign up for contractor updates and receive tailored information about upcoming DCSEU trainings, workforce development opportunities, contractor events, and solicitations.
  • Contract directly with the DCSEU on commercial and residential energy efficiency and renewable energy work. See the current opportunities.
  • Help the DCSEU train the next generation of energy efficiency workers by hiring an extern through the DCSEU Workforce Development Program.
  • Increase the capacity of your staff and make your business more competitive by acquiring new or enhanced skills and knowledge around energy efficiency and renewable energy design, construction, inspection, and maintenance at no cost.  The Train Green SEICBP Program can help your Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) and/or CBE-eligible firm and staff the training, credentials, and certifications you need to compete.

Use DCSEU Rebates & Services as a Sales Tool

Take Advantage of DCSEU Instant Rebates

  • Contractors can purchase discounted LED lighting and electric heat pumps from a DCSEU Instant Business Rebates Participating Distributor for projects at DC businesses.
  • Are you a lighting or HVAC distributor in the DC area? Contact us to find out how you can become a Participating Distributor to offer instant rebates and get listed on the DCSEU website.