Take A Vacation From Your Energy Bills

Don't add to summer vacation costs by wasting energy at home.

Give your water heater a vacation, too.

Water heating can account for 14-18% of your home's energy use. Set your water heater to "low" or to "vacation mode".

Put "energy vampires" to rest.

Electronic appliances can use electricity, even when turned off. Unplug items such as coffee makers, phone chargers, computers, TVs, and game consoles.

Raise the temp.

Set your thermostat to a higher temperature than normal, or shut the air conditioner off entirely. To keep pets comfortable and still save, set the temperature to 85 degrees.

Keep your cool.

Make sure blinds are down and window shades are drawn to keep the sun out of your home and keep it cool while you're away.

Turn off the lights.

This one if a no-brainer: make sure all lights are off before you leave. If you want to leave a light or two on for security purposes, use LED bulbs and a programmable timer to save on electricity.

Fill the fridge.

Refrigerators run more efficiently when full. After you empty yours of perishable foods, fill empty space with jugs of water to help your fridge stay efficient.

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