• Debunking 5 Common Myths About Home Energy Efficiency


    Myth #1: Replacing windows and doors is the best way to save energy.

    If you have functional windows, it makes more financial sense to improve them than to replace them with energy-efficient windows. …

  • The Easier Way to Replace Your Heating Equipment


    The DCSEU no longer requires that you work with a DCSEU Participating Contractor to be eligible for rebates on qualified heating, water heating, and air conditioning equipment. Follow the steps below …
  • How to Shop for the Energy Savvy This Holiday Season


    For the gamer. 

    Electronics (like video game consoles) can hike up your monthly utility bill when they’re plugged in and not being used, called vampire power. Advanced power strips like this one …

  • Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist to Save Energy


    There are 6 easy things you can do now to stay comfortable this winter: 

    Make exterior repairs. Check for signs of damage to your roof, siding, and foundation. If you spot anything that needs repair, …

  • 7 Easy Steps to an Energy-Efficient Apartment


    The DCSEU partnered with the Institute for Market Transformation to create this guide to simple, energy-saving solutions in your space. 

  • Refreshing the District, One Community At A Time


    In early October, the DCSEU kicked off its latest community-focused endeavor to create healthier, more efficient neighborhoods across the District. The DCSEU launched the Refresh the District …
  • Stranded on a Heat Island: The Cost of Energy Inequity


    Last week, the Washington Post reported on what most of us in the energy industry already know: energy burden is not created equal, and our most vulnerable neighbors pay a disproportionate price in a  …
  • Take A Vacation From Your Energy Bills


    Give your water heater a vacation, too.

    Water heating can account for 14-18% of your home's energy use. Set your water heater to "low" or to "vacation mode".

    Put "energy vampires" to rest. …

  • 5 Energy-Saving Tips for a Rainy Day


    Take advantage of cloudy weather.

    With less sunlight pouring through your windows, it's easier to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Set your air conditioner to an efficient 78 degrees …

  • 5 Ways to Save Energy When A/C Is A Must


    Keep your cool.

    If you're using a window or room air conditioning unit, make sure that the unit itself is properly insulated. If you are working or relaxing in one spot, close all doors and openings …