What to Look For When Buying a New Water Heater

If you need to replace an old or failing water heating system, or are ready to upgrade, we recommend that you:

1. Decide What Size You Need.

If your current water heater meets your needs most of the time, you can probably replace it with one the same size. Your contractor can help you decide if a larger model is necessary.

2. Choose the Best Fit for Your Hot Water Needs.

High efficiency water heaters often require direct venting outside. Tankless water heaters require a certain amount of gas pressure to operate. Your installer can determine which models are a good fit for your home and which models are eligible for DCSEU rebates.

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3. Get a Rebate.

DCSEU rebates help offset the increased cost of high-efficiency water heaters.

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Water heaters must be installed by a DC-licensed contractor in order to qualify for rebates. Contractors must have a valid DC Master Plumbing/Gas Fitter license to offer water heating. 

Qualifying Product

Qualifying Efficiency Level

Rebate Amount

ENERGY STAR Qualified Storage Water Heater, ≤ 55 gallons, 75,000 BTU/hr

UEF 0.64+


ENERGY STAR Qualified Light Duty EPACT Natural Gas Storage Water Heater

UEF 0.80+


ENERGY STAR Qualified Tankless Water Heater

UEF 0.92+


ENERGY STAR Qualified Heat Pump Electric Water Heater, ≤ 55 gallons

UEF ≥ 2.00


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Work with your DC-licensed contractor to find out which equipment is eligible for rebates. Apply for a rebate online if you have worked with a contractor to install qualifying equipment. Equipment must be installed on or after 10/1/19 to qualify for rebates. For more information, contact us at 202-479-2222 or info@dcseu.com.