ISTUDIO Architects Presented with DCSEU Energy Savings Leader Award

The DCSEU presented ISTUDIO architects with a 2016 DCSEU Energy Savings Leader Award for its dedication to the design of 21st century learning environments in Washington, DC. Several years ago, the District Department of General Services (DGS) began a large, multi-phase modernization project on Powell Elementary School, including renovations to existing buildings as well as an addition to the school. Design features for the LEED-certified green school include included daylighting, natural ventilation, eco-friendly materials, and a master plan centered on green spaces and outdoor classrooms. The DCSEU was able to provide technical support and incentives that helped fund energy-saving features like solar chimneys and worked with ISTUDIO and DGS on educational displays to inform students about how the technology works.
“We really appreciate this award from the DCSEU,” said Rick Harlan Schneider, Principal of ISTUDIO architects. “ISTUDIO has a long history of incorporating sustainability and energy efficiency into the design of 21st century schools. Often times, design features like the ones at Powell are abandoned in the design phase. They may be incorrectly viewed as merely aesthetic rather than functional elements that will save energy and make the building more comfortable. The DCSEU helps us demonstrate the importance of these elements and see them through to the completion of construction.” 

“The DCSEU presented ISTUDIO with this award for their uncompromising commitment to sustainability, and making DC more beautiful & never compromising one for the other, said Cory Chimka from the DCSEU, who has worked closely with ISTUDIO on several projects in the District. "The fact that these breathtaking structures are public purpose buildings like schools & recreation centers makes us especially proud of our partnership.”

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