DCSEU Project with American University Featured in Washington Business Journal

American University recently teamed up with MeteoViva and the DCSEU to implement new technology and reduce energy consumption and costs in its historic McKinley Building, originally built in 1907 and completely renovated in 2014. The project was recently highlighted in the Washington Business Journal. From the article:

And it’s paid off. After a year of using the technology — a combination of software and hardware that uses weather forecasts and building usage data to manage its heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC, equipment — the McKinley Building saw a 42 percent drop in CO2 emissions and 36 percent drop in costs, paying off the university's investment within the first year.

Here’s how it works: The technology looks at how outdoor weather affects the building’s indoor climate. Using a three-day weather forecast, the system works within a building's HVAC dashboard to automatically anticipate changes and keep the building at a single desired temperature each day. It works with any type of building and HVAC system, according to the company’s website.

Read the story in its entirety (Washington Business Journal subscription required).

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