Sustainable Energy Monitor: What We're Reading in July

Catch up on the latest sustainable energy and green industry news from July.

Local Dollars Funding Local D.C. Sustainable Energy Contractors and Workers

Humberto Garces was a third-year medical student when, in 2000, he and his brother were forced to flee Colombia. Now, Garces is finding success working with the DCSEU as a contractor working on home repairs and energy efficinecy right here in DC. [Next City]

Lost in Transmission: World's Biggest Machine Needs Update

America’s grid carries electricity from over 7,700 power plants across 707,000 miles of high-voltage lines, and through millions of miles of low-voltage lines and transformers. It's an impressive machine, but like other early 20th century technologies, it's due for a reboot. [NRDC]

The Amazonification of Energy Efficiency

Online marketplaces aren’t only for Amazon and utilities anymore. On July 2, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) and Enervee announced that they are partnering to give energy product purchasers a new way to shop. [Navigant Research]

Home Energy Storage System Installations Hit Record High In US

Thirty-six megawatt-hours of grid-connected home energy storage systems were installed during the first quarter of 2018 - the same amount for the first three quarters of the year combined. [CleanTechnica]

Appliance standards create jobs — in every US state

National standards that require appliances and equipment to be more energy efficient do more than save energy and reduce utility bills. A new report reveals that they created or sustained nearly 300,000 jobs in 2016 and are projected to support 553,000 jobs in 2030. [ACEEE Blog]

Spurring A Global Building Efficiency Movement

Building efficiency is one of the most effective near-term opportunities for achieving national and international climate and energy goals and the time has never been better – or more critical – for spurring a global building efficiency movement. [ASE Blog]

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