Shining A Light on The Impact of Energy Efficiency: A Message from Ted Trabue

DCSEU Managing Director Ted Trabue reflects on the conclusion of the third quarter of FY 2018, and the success to follow.

June completed the DCSEU’s third quarter for fiscal year 2018. That means we are inching closer to when we present the DCSEU’s annual report. This quarter’s performance puts us in a great position to report success after the fiscal year closes.

Let’s take a quick look at where we stand right now. The DCSEU is closer to hitting its six annual performance benchmarks than at any other third quarter. With one more quarter to go, we have already exceeded two annual minimum benchmarks and one maximum benchmark, and are on track to hit at least the minimum on the remaining three. We are also proud to announce that our new Workforce Development Program cohort has officially started. We have seven externs who will be working with our long-time partners Howard University, DC Water, WMATA, and Greenscape Environmental Services.

In May, the DCSEU’s Marketing and Communications Team launched a new brand campaign. When people talk about energy efficiency, they normally mention rebates and incentives, or the energy cost savings that efficiency makes possible. The new brand campaign shines a light on energy efficiency’s impact—beyond rebates and savings. We will now feature customer stories about how efficiency has empowered them or their businesses, how it has changed people’s lives. As you get around the city, you’ll see the stories in Metro stations, at bus shelters, and in local newspapers—and hear about them in other news outlets.

There is Thor Cheston, the “God of Beer,” who owns Right Proper Brewing Company. He now powers his brewery with DCSEU-supported renewable energy and energy efficiency. Those savings have helped keep his beer and food affordable for his customers, and made it possible for him to hire more District residents. There is also Joshua Brown. Before joining the Workforce Development Program, Joshua was a rideshare driver. He picked up a DCSEU employee and mentioned that he had experience in HVAC repair. He sent along his resume and the next year was accepted into the program. Joshua completed building operator certification classes, received weekly DCSEU skills training, and is now an HVAC technician at a local hospital. Another ad features KIPP DC, a District charter school operator thataspires to improve life outcomes for the next generation of Washingtonians by offering pathways out of generational poverty. Energy efficiency and renewable energy help power KIPP DC’s mission by freeing up resources that can be put right back into the classroom. Finally, Tony Harrison (Greenscape Environmental Services) has been working with the DCSEU since 2011. His business has grown beyond the District’s borders, while bringing energy efficiency –with DC resident workers—to some of the city’s most vulnerable communities.

It is an honor for me and the DCSEU staff to serve the District, its institutions, businesses, and residents. As we embark on the final quarter of FY 2018, we look forward to closing out projects and wrapping up what looks like our strongest fiscal year, yet.

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