4 Types of LED Lightbulbs

October 7th was National LED Day! Check out the four most common types of LED bulbs and what fixtures they are used for.


Globe shaped LEDs are the ideal energy efficient bulbs for bathroom vanity fixtures as they are instant-on and there is no wait time for them to come to full brightness. They also work well with pendant fixtures.



Popular in track lighting, MR16s are a great choice for spot lighting as LEDs don’t emit as much heat as incandescents and halogens. You can also use MR16s for recessed cans.


Indoor Reflector

LED Indoor Reflectors come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your needs. They work with ceiling fans, recessed cans, and track lighting. When switching to LEDs, bring your old bulbs to the store to select the correct size.


Covered A Shape

A-shape bulbs are the standard replacement bulbs for traditional incandescent bulbs. Soft white and bright bulbs are available and are a great choice for rooms where you need lighting instantly with no warm up time. These bulbs are ideal for pendant fixtures, table or floor lamps, ceiling fixtures, ceiling fans, wall sconces, and outdoor covers.

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