Large-Scale Savings That Make a Difference

Children’s National Medical Center works with the DCSEU to plan for energy efficiency upgrades at the hospital as well as to help staff, patients, and their families save energy at home.

The DCSEU was so easy to work with. Their team really knows what they are doing.

Ekaterina Solovieva, Manager of Sustainability & Quality Improvement, CNMC

Hospitals never sleep. Their constant need for energy makes hospitals such as Children’s National Medical Center (CNMC) some of the largest energy users in the District. Early in FY 2013, the DCSEU met with CNMC to better understand the hospital’s sustainability goals and to help their Engineering and Sustainability teams develop a plan for energy improvements that aligns with capital asset planning. The DCSEU’s technical analysis revealed significant opportunities for long-term gas savings through heat recovery projects, in addition to short-term electricity savings through the replacement of variable frequency drives on 3 chilled-water pumps. The projected annual savings for these comprehensive retrofits totals over $220,000. To help further the hospital’s mission of providing a holistic healthcare environment, the DCSEU sponsored an exhibit at CNMC’s 2013 Earth Day Celebration to help staff, patients, and their families explore ways to save money and energy in their own homes.