Business Success Stories

  • One less thing for a small business to worry about

    Courtney Stamm worked with the DCSEU to upgrade 22 lights to LEDs at The Cheeky Puppy.

  • Helping Georgetown University Achieve its Energy Goals

    Georgetown University and the DCSEU have worked together since 2012 to address the university's ambitious energy efficiency and sustainability goals.

  • Spotlight on Energy Savings

    The DCSEU helps Arena Stage invest in the most cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades and avoid making upgrades that don't make sense for their bottom line.

  • Light Speed Ahead

    As Piedmont Office Realty Trust remodeled NASA headquarters for LEED® Silver certification, the DCSEU made it easier to upgrade to LED lighting and meet energy savings goals.

  • All Aboard for Energy Savings

    Union Station’s satisfaction with the lighting upgrade extends beyond energy savings, operations cost savings, and reduction of carbon emissions.
  • Energy Savings Right Around the Corner

    The DCSEU partners with 53 retailers in all of the City's eight Wards to buy down customers' costs of energy efficient lighting.

  • Gallaudet University Cuts its Energy Use, Campus-Wide

    The DCSEU has worked with Gallaudet to support campus efficiency projects through incentives and technical assistance. In 2013, the DCSEU provided incentives to upgrade 548 steam traps, reducing the university's annual natural gas consumption by 171,500 therms.

  • Lighting the Path Toward Community Savings

    Capitol Park IV decided to retrofit all 218 neighborhood street lamps with highly efficient LEDs.

  • Energy Savings in Your Neighborhood

    The staff at Annie’s Ace does more than just sell the DCSEU’s discounted efficient lighting products; they also help customers make wise decisions that fit both their budget and needs.


  • Lighting Matters

    Upgrading to high-performance T8 (HPT8) lighting significantly reduces operating costs for Johnny’s Half Shell.

  • Large-Scale Savings That Make a Difference

    Children’s National Medical Center works with the DCSEU to plan for energy efficiency upgrades at the hospital as well as to help staff, patients, and their families save energy at home.

  • Brightening a Ballroom

    A major upgrade of hundreds of lighting fixtures brightens the ballroom and saves tens of thousands a year. 

  • Shedding Light on Safety

    By upgrading to highly-efficient LED lighting, Providence Hospital has a brighter, safer parking lot in addition to lower energy bills.

  • Taking a Bite out of Energy Costs

    Restaurants waste more energy than a typical business—as much as $8 billion in energy every year. ThinkFoodGroup is taking steps to change that at Zaytinya. 

  • Setting a new standard for multifamily solar energy

    Starting with 11 of the National Housing Trust's (NHT) multifamily affordable buildings in Washington, DC, NHT / Enterprise worked with the DCSEU to begin the largest solar installation across multiple properties in the city.

  • Low Risk Investments Yield Strong Returns

    The energy savings—estimated at more than $20,000 per year—will reduce operating costs not only from direct energy savings but also from maintenance savings. The retrofit will pay for itself in less than five years.

  • Energy Savings for Sustainable Business Model

    The measures installed in FY 2016 will pay for themselves in approximately two years.

  • Serving Up Savings at Union Kitchen

    Working with the DCSEU, Union Kitchen saved thousands of dollars. The result: happier chefs, lower energy bills for years to come, and a trusted partner to turn to for future energy decisions.

  • Putting Energy into Education

    Together with the DCSEU, District schools are turning energy savings into more resources for their students.

  • Helping Contractors Grow

    Together with the DCSEU, contractors like Greenscape are expanding their business and serving their communities.

  • Supporting Small Businesses

    Together with the DCSEU, business owners in the District are pursuing their passions.

  • On the Path to Success

    Together with the DCSEU, District residents are pursuing green career pathways and finding success.