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District businesses can purchase energy-efficient lighting from a DCSEU Participating Distributor and receive instant rebates.

The DCSEU is partnering with District Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) lighting distributors to offer instant rebates on energy-efficient tube, pin-, and screw-based lighting, making it easy and affordable for District businesses to take advantage of savings.

Instant Rebates:
$3-$5 per bulb

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Why is the DCSEU working with CBEs?

The DCSEU is committed to creating economic opportunities for District businesses, especially CBEs, through energy efficiency. By working with CBE distributors, the DCSEU can offer lighting rebates to District contractors and businesses at the time of purchase. For distributors interested in participating, please send an e-mail to info@dcseu.com.

Get Started:

The DCSEU is working with CBE Distributors to provide instant rebates to District businesses on energy-efficient lighting. Click on the "Find a Distributor" tab above to see where you can take advantage of instant rebates for your business.

Instant rebates are available for the following lighting products:

Instant Lighting Rebates


Product Type

 Eligible products

Rebate per bulb

Omnidirectional A-Type or Globe

 ENERGY STAR 2.0 Certified Light Bulbs $3
Candle/Decorative  ENERGY STAR 2.0 Certified Light Bulbs $3
Four-foot Linear Replacement Lamp LEDs  DLC Certified $3
Directional R/BR/PAR 38-40  ENERGY STAR 2.0 Certified Light Bulbs $5
Directional R/BR/PAR 30  ENERGY STAR 2.0 Certified Light Bulbs $5
Directional R/BR/PAR 20  ENERGY STAR 2.0 Certified Light Bulbs $5
Directional MR/PAR 16  ENERGY STAR 2.0 Certified Light Bulbs $5

Find a Distributor

Maurice Electrical Supply Map It
3355 V Street NE
Washington, DC 20018
(202) 675-9448

Atlantic Electric Supply Corp. Wholesale Distributors Map It
3726 10th Street NE
Washington, DC 20017
(202) 526-1300

LED Partners, LLC Map It
5125 MacArthur Boulevard NW Suite 37
Washington, DC 20016

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