Whole-Home Energy Solutions

As Keisha Cofield-Lynch’s hundred-year old home underwent upgrades, she learned more about energy efficiency and began to see savings on her energy bills.

I immediately saw the difference in my gas bill—it went from several hundred dollars to just $80! It’s a great program and I appreciated the opportunity to educate myself about energy efficiency.

Keisha Cofield-Lynch

Living in a home built at the turn of the 20th century often means that when summer comes, it gets as warm inside as it is outdoors. When homeowner Keisha Cofield-Lynch learned about the DCSEU Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® initiative, she saw an opportunity to do the home energy improvements she had been thinking about for nearly a decade. For a second year, the DCSEU partnered with DC-based Industrial Bank to offer qualified homeowners up to $12,000 in home improvement loans, with repayment forgiveness possible through the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta. Mrs. Cofield-Lynch received a Federal Home Loan to undertake a comprehensive energy upgrade through the DCSEU Home Performance with ENERGY STAR initiative. Working with a local contractor, Mrs. Cofield-Lynch received whole-home air sealing, a programmable thermostat, a new boiler, a chimney cap, and attic insulation. Her 100-year-old house now stays cool during the summer and cozy in the winter.