Turning a House Into a Comfortable Home

As first-time parents, Brad Wible and his wife Jillian put a priority on making their new home more comfortable.

Energy efficiency was certainly on our minds from the get-go. Once we realized we could get help from the DCSEU, it was a no-brainer.

Brad Wible, Homeowner

When they bought their first home in early 2014, Brad and Jillian knew that the 70-year-old house in the Takoma neighborhood had old systems that would need replacing. They did their research and found what they were looking for in the DCSEU Home Performance with ENERGY STAR initiative, which offers District homeowners up to $1,800 to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. The Wibles worked with a local contractor to air seal and insulate their home. The Wibles also worked with the DCSEU to install a high-efficiency water heater and furnace. They realized immediate first-year savings of more than $230.