Shedding Light on Safety

By upgrading to highly-efficient LED lighting, Providence Hospital has a brighter, safer parking lot in addition to lower energy bills.

The DCSEU has experts on energy efficiency. We worked together as a team, but the DCSEU did most of the coordinating. They were a delight to work with, with good ideas to help people.

Vicki L. Shockey, Senior Vice President/Chief Nursing Officer, Providence Hospital

Providence Hospital came to DCSEU with a problem. The lighting in the parking garages and around the building had a dull yellow hue. It wasn’t just an inconvenience, it created real safety issues: ambulance drivers had difficulty seeing and nurses working late had to brave the shadows to reach their cars. The hospital needed to make changes, but had little money for upgrades. DCSEU staff identified energy-saving opportunities and brought in contractors and suppliers to complete the project. The results are visible and the impact is far-reaching: outdoor spaces are now illuminated by brighter light and the 200,000 people frequenting the building feel the safety benefits. In addition to energy savings, maintenance costs are now lower, freeing up money for use where the hospital really needs it.