Setting a new standard for multifamily solar energy

Starting with 11 of the National Housing Trust's (NHT) multifamily affordable buildings in Washington, DC, NHT / Enterprise worked with the DCSEU to begin the largest solar installation across multiple properties in the city.

Sustainability allows NHT to make our properties run more efficiently, preserve affordable rents, and maintain resident services such as tutoring programs and financial education.

Jared Lang, NHT Sustainable Development Manager

The NHT / Enterprise venture has installed and is continuing to install solar thermal panels for hot water and photovoltaic systems for space heat and other electricity uses. The systems will reduce operating expenses by over $27,500 per year and offset over 100,000 kWh from the electric utility supply grid. NHT will continue to work with the DCSEU as the organization installs more solar panels on more than 20 buildings in the next two years.