On the Path to Success

Together with the DCSEU, District residents are pursuing green career pathways and finding success.

“When you’re looking to change your career path, sometimes that’s so hard to do, especially in the adult phase of your life. The DCSEU’s Workforce Development program has meant a great deal to me in helping me make that change."

Joshua Brown, Workforce Development Program Graduate

In 2016, Joshua, a resident of Anacostia, was driving for a rideshare company. He happened to mention that he had some background in HVAC repair while driving a DCSEU staff member, who provided her e-mail address and encouraged him to check out the DCSEU’s Workforce Development program. He sent along his resume and the next year was accepted into the program.

As part of the program, Joshua began and eventually completed Building Operator Certification classes, and also received weekly skills trainings at the DCSEU.

“Today, everything is electronic, including the job application process. For some people like me, because you don’t have this great resume, a conversation like I had in my rideshare may be all you have that can propel you into the next moment. This program has been a remarkable experience that I may not have received through any other avenue,” adds Joshua.

Today, Joshua is working as an HVAC technician at a local hospital.