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  • How to be Green without Giving Up Life's Luxuries


    It’s not easy being green. Kermit the Frog said it — even sang it — but it might as well have been the motto of the first wave of eco-conscious consumers. Scratchy sheets, anemic showers and weird-looking lightbulbs were the norm as people tried to do their part. To add insult to injury, these clunky green products used to cost more green cash.
  • This Craft Brewery Runs on the Sun


    Thor Cheston loves craft beer so much, he was made a knight in Belgium, the global brewing capital. He's also a clean energy geek. When he founded Right Proper Brewing in Washington, DC, he invested in rooftop solar panels and energy efficiency. Cheston recently spoke about his passion for brewing—and his love of renewable energy—with Nexus Media News.
  • DC’s Shelters Are Going Green – and Improving Conditions for Residents


    Whether you’re a fan of Mayor Muriel Bowser or not, you can’t deny that her administration is taking climate change seriously and working to reduce the District’s carbon footprint. Now this greening effort is moving into DC’s shelters. These facilities are being upgraded to be more energy efficient, provide a healthier environment for residents and save taxpayer money. In late October, DC’s Department of General Services (DGS), Department of Human Services (DHS) and
  • Power for a Population Boom


    Since 2000, Washington, D.C.’s population has surged, but its power grid has not. Instead of generators, the city added renewables and upgraded aged structures — including many federal office buildings, the city’s largest energy consumers — keeping the lights on while keeping costs down for the city’s poorest residents. Ted Trabue, Managing Director of the District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU), tells Nexus Media how they did it.
  • Sustainability Benefits: A people, planet and profit business strategy


    Who says doing business and doing good don’t mix? Companies across the globe have been doing both, with a renewed commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Companies are doing their part for the planet and getting employees involved by offering "sustainability benefits."
  • Here’s How D.C.’s Eco-Friendliest Restaurants Save Tons of Money Every Year


    Since 2014, dining incubator Union Kitchen has adopted energy-efficient measures that will result in $500,000 in lifetime energy cost savings and stop the lifetime carbon dioxide emissions of more than six million pounds — the equivalent of taking 583 cars off the road for one year. “As energy costs increase, investing in energy efficiency is the best way to protect your business against these rising prices,” says DCSEU managing director Ted Trabue.
  • WC Smith Works with DCSEU to Make Apartments More Sustainable


    WC Smith, a DC-based company that has been providing real estate development and property management services since 1968, recently worked with the DCSEU on its Archer Park apartment community to …
  • Embassies Convene to Promote Green Diplomacy


    On Wednesday, November 1, the diplomatic community and the private sector came together for ‘Green Diplomacy Day’ at the Embassy of France in Washington, D.C. The event was co-hosted by the D.C. chapter of the Eco-Capitals Forum and brought together stakeholders to discuss practical energy and sustainability solutions for the operations of foreign embassies in D.C.
  • DC Wins a LEED Cities Platinum Award


    While the current national administration is rolling back environmental initiatives, DC’s efforts to support and promote a green agenda are paying off. In an unprecedented coup, on Aug. 31, DC became the first city in the world to receive a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Cities Platinum leadership certification in recognition for achieving sustainability and resiliency goals.
  • Howard University Improves Efficiency and Campus Safety with DCSEU


    Howard University recently completed an exterior LED lighting retrofit, receiving technical assistance and incentives from the DCSEU. The new installations boost lighting levels around the campus …
  • Energy efficiency: The hidden hand in the fight against climate change


    The DCSEU recently drafted an Op-Ed for Energy Efficiency Day that was published in The Hill: The danger and destruction of three high-category hurricanes within a week of each other on one side of …
  • DCSEU Project with American University Featured in Washington Business Journal


    American University recently teamed up with MeteoViva and the DCSEU to implement new technology and reduce energy consumption and costs in its historic McKinley Building, originally built in 1907 and …
  • DCSEU Featured on Great Day Washington


    As part of Energy Efficiency Day, WUSA-9 included a segment featuring the DCSEU, providing tips for consumers to save money and energy.

    Watch the video

  • Reflecting on the DCSEU's Past Six Years


    Washington, D.C., September 7, 2017 – Throughout the past six years, the DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) has served thousands of residents and businesses in the District of Columbia and thereby …
  • ISTUDIO Architects Presented with DCSEU Energy Savings Leader Award


    The DCSEU presented ISTUDIO architects with a 2016 DCSEU Energy Savings Leader Award for its dedication to the design of 21st century learning environments in Washington, DC. Several years ago, the …
  • MWCOG Honors the DCSEU with 2016 Climate and Energy Leadership Award


    The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) presented Climate and Energy Leadership Awards to the District of Columbia, Fairfax County Public Schools, the District of Columbia’s …

  • Free Solar Panels for Some Low-Income Neighborhoods


    Written by Matt Yurus for WUSA9, August 26, 2016  WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - The times, they are a changing in some of D.C.’s lower-income neighborhoods.

    Free solar panels are beginning to cover the …

  • Why Should Only the Wealthy Get Solar Panels?


    Washington, D.C., has embarked on an aggressive clean-energy plan, but a big challenge will be making sure it doesn't worsen existing inequalities.
  • DCSEU on Atlantic Live


    Recently, the Atlantic held a policy forum engaging with regulators, industry leaders, innovators and community advocates in a conversation about making clean energy more accessible for all. DCSEU …
  • Putting Data to Work Forum Follow-up


     The May 25 forum Putting Data to Work: Harness Your Building Metrics to Improve Performance provided a wealth of knowledge around the latest insights into how data integration and analysis, use …