DCSEU and DC SAFE Announce Fundraising Campaign to Make New Domestic Violence Shelter More Energy Efficient

DCSEU is working with DC SAFE to raise $45,757 for energy-efficient lighting, heating, and other equipment for new SAFE Space Crisis Shelter; installing these measures will save an estimated $23,358 on utility bills in the first year alone, allowing those funds to be spent empowering survivors

(DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA) Monday, July 15, 2019 – Today, the DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) and DC SAFE announced a joint fundraising campaign, “The Power to Save Lives,” for energy-saving appliances at DC SAFE’s new SAFE Space Crisis Shelter for survivors of domestic violence, expected to be completed in December 2020.

The DCSEU is collaborating with DC SAFE to raise $45,757 for energy-efficient lighting, heating, and other equipment for the new SAFE Space Crisis Shelter. One-hundred percent of each donation will go towards energy-saving equipment. The full value of equipment needed to make the SAFE Space Crisis Shelter as energy-efficient as possible is $73,757 - the DCSEU is contributing $28,000 in rebates for energy efficient equipment towards this goal. Together, DC SAFE and the DCSEU look to the public for support in raising the additional $45,757.

“Energy efficiency does not just help the planet, it can help non-profits like DC SAFE save money that can help save people’s lives,” said Ted Trabue, Managing Director of the DCSEU. “Every dollar DC SAFE does not spend on utility bills can go towards serving domestic violence survivors here in the District.”

The energy-efficient equipment will be installed in common areas and apartments that will be able to house as many as 700 survivors and their families each year, doubling the capacity of their current shelter. If DC SAFE achieves its goal of being as energy efficient as possible, it will save an estimated $23,358 on utility bills in the first year alone, allowing those funds to be spent where it matters most – empowering survivors.

“With the DCSEU’s partnership and your donation, we will be able to use the money we save to support our survivors,” said Natalia Marlow-Otero, Executive Director of DC SAFE. “We want to keep fulfilling our mission and our next step is to create a Safe Space where our survivors and their families will feel at home.”

Each day in DC, about 2,300 people are at risk of abuse at home or on the streets. DC SAFE has been helping survivors of domestic violence and their children for 12 years. Providing short-term housing to survivors allows them to have a safe place to stay and preserve their limited savings to start new lives.

This campaign is the first in a new series by the DCSEU to raise money for energy efficiency projects at District-based charities and non-profits through its Energy Opportunity Fund.

To donate to “The Power to Save Lives” campaign, visit: www.crowdrise.com/the-power-to-save-lives  


About the DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU)

The District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) helps DC residents and businesses use less energy and save money. Since 2011, as a contractor to the District Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE), the DCSEU has delivered financial incentives, technical assistance, and information to tens of thousands of District residents and businesses, helping them to save millions of dollars on their energy costs. Our work is building a brighter economic, environmental, and energy future for the District. For more information, visit www.dcseu.com.


DC SAFE is the only 24/7 crisis intervention agency for domestic violence in Washington, DC. Our mission is to ensure the safety and self-determination of domestic violence survivors through emergency services, court advocacy, and system reform. Our name, DC SAFE, stands for Survivors and Advocates for Empowerment, which demonstrates our commitment to survivor-defined advocacy, in which we recognize that survivors are the experts in their lives and should be empowered to make their own decisions. We are proud to be a leader in this service model, providing support for empowerment for thousands of survivors each year. For more information, visit www.dcsafe.org.