What You Need to Know About Nest Seasonal Savings

DC residents have until February 9th to enroll in the Nest Seasonal Savings program. Here is what you need to know to get started.

DC residents have until February 9th to enroll in the Nest Seasonal Savings program. Here is what you need to know:

What is Nest Seasonal Savings?

Seasonal Savings is an energy savings program that makes small changes to some temperatures in your schedule to make them more efficient. It’s like a personal energy assistant, looking for ways to lower your bills, quietly working behind the scenes, and helping you stay comfortable too.

Who can take part in Nest Seasonal Savings?

Seasonal Savings is available for some Nest thermostat owners who are customers of Nest energy partners. Most DC residents are eligible. For qualified customers, Seasonal Savings can appear in either the heating or cooling season, or both. You'll need air conditioning to get summer Seasonal Savings and heating to take advantage of winter Seasonal Savings. Don't own a Nest? Take advantage of a limited-time DCSEU coupon code for $50 off of Nest smart thermostats on Nest.com.

When will I see Seasonal Savings?

Seasonal Savings can give your Nest thermostat’s temperature schedule a tune-up in the early winter and summer by automatically making small changes to some temperatures in your schedule to make them more efficient. First, Seasonal Savings can adjust the temperature when you’re not home – the daytime hours when everyone is at work or school. If you don’t have a conventional “go to work” time, then Seasonal Savings won’t adjust temperatures in the daytime. Second, Seasonal Savings will look at your “wake up” and “return home” times – the temperatures you set when you get out of bed or come home from work. If energy demand in your community regularly peaks, then Seasonal Savings may try to save more energy during these peak periods.

Why should I use Nest Seasonal Savings?

Small adjustments to your thermostat’s temperature schedule can lower your energy bill. Nest Seasonal Savings takes the guesswork out of trying to maximise savings without sacrificing comfort. Seasonal Savings can help you save energy automatically, without needing to constantly worry about your thermostat.

How do I enroll?

You can opt into Seasonal Savings on your Nest device, and it will use everything your Nest thermostat has learned about your home and temperature preferences to find ways to save energy without compromising comfort. 

What if Nest Seasonal Savings isn't for me after all?

You're always in control of your Nest thermostat. After you accept your invitation to enroll, you can manually override temperature adjustments or stop Seasonal Savings altogether. If you don't like an adjustment Seasonal Savings has made, you can change the temperature with the Nest app or Nest thermostat and it will learn from your adjustments and change its behavior for the next time. You can also stop Seasonal Savings altogether via the Nest app or Nest thermostat.

Learn more about Seasonal Savings on Nest.com.

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