Welcome to the DCSEU Blog!

Welcome to the DCSEU Blog - a message from DCSEU Managing Director, Ted Trabue.

I am very proud to announce the launch of this blog, a new platform about energy, energy efficiency, sustainability, and renewables in the District. I am looking forward to the dialogue this blog will create. But before I go more into detail about everything that the DCSEU will be publishing here, let me explain to you what the DCSEU actually is.

Created in 2008 by the Clean and Affordable Energy Act, the DCSEU started operating in 2011. Tasked with reducing the District’s energy use by the Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) and funded through a small surcharge on energy consumers' utility bills in the District, we offer no-cost technical and financial assistance for DC residents, businesses, and institutions. Our services include, for example, buying down the cost of LED light bulbs, rebates on ENERGY STAR-qualified home appliances, incentives and technical assistance for large commercial energy improvements, and supporting the deployment of renewable energy. 

The DCSEU focuses on energy justice through its low-income program, seeking to reduce the energy burden on our most vulnerable residents. Our Workforce Development Program also helps DC residents who are underemployed, unemployed, or want to attain new skills become competitive in the green jobs market.

Over the past six years, our work has resulted in half a billion dollars of energy cost savings and the prevention of lifetime emissions of more than 3 million tons of CO2. This is equivalent to the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from 3 billion pounds of coal burned - or more than 670,000 passenger vehicles driven for one year!

The DCSEU’s objective with this blog is not only to tell the stories of how the DCSEU has improved the District’s energy use and highlight the people and institutions who have taken the initiative to reduce their footprint, but also to be a resource for District residents: A website with tips and tricks on how to revamp your home’s or business’ energy efficiency and become more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

You will read posts from a diversity of authors; clean energy experts, local businesses providing expert advice on sustainability, from myself of course – and last but not least, our very own DCSEU staff. We will also be sharing updates on our progress towards energy savings goals, media mentions, and successful projects the DCSEU has completed. It is here where you will also find our reports, green news, and upcoming events. So stay tuned!

Please continue to stop by our blog and I hope you will enjoy reading your way through. If you have comments, feedback or suggested topics for discussion – I would love to hear from you.


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