Sustainable Energy Monitor: What We're Reading in September

Catch up on the latest sustainable energy and green industry news from September.

What Can Washingtonians Do As Individuals to Curb Climate Change? 

Combating climate change on an individual level can feel like a drop in the bucket. Maybe your diet is primarily plant based. Or your lights are off whenever you don’t need them. Or your showers are shorter than a Ramones single. But the facts remain daunting. [DCist]

Sustainability Trend Drives Roofing Market Grown By 4% A Year

Sustainability is a growing concern to countless Americans. Global News Wire writes that the home repair industry will grow to $1.2 billion within the next six years. One of the biggest reasons for this growth is the demand for more sustainable home improvements. Sustainable roofing is one of the biggest changes. [Blue & Green Tomorrow]

As demand for solar energy grows, DC job training offers both employment and community results

With pliers in one pant pocket and a phone playing a ’70s electronic song in the other, Naomi Hawk stabilized a row of solar panels on an apartment roof in Southeast Washington. She has worked with New Columbia Solar installing panels across the District since July. [The Washington Post]

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