Sustainable Energy Monitor: What We're Reading in March

It’s not only about light bulbs: Are energy efficiency utilities the business model of the future?

The new energy economy is inevitable, and it will require innovative strategies, combining stakeholders and resources from all sectors to bring about inclusive value for everyone. [SEPAPower Blog]

US Capital Targets Building Efficiency

Washington, DC wants to become the greenest, healthiest and most equitable society in the country. These initiatives will make it possible. [Clean Energy Finance Forum]

Future Reality: Set-Top Box Energy Use to Shrink Another 20%

The amount of energy consumed by the set-top boxes used to access pay TV in our homes is due to go down another 20% due to new commitments made by leading service providers such as Comcast, AT&T, and Dish Network. [NRDC]

The Energy 202: Energy and environment programs escape Trump's ax in spending deal

Congress finally made a deal on the government's FY 2019 budget. This is how the bill will play out for renewable energy and energy efficiency. [Washington Post]

What Data from Building Energy Performance Policies Offers Utilities

Cities collect data that utilities can use. How can these efforts complement the work of utilities to create a fuller picture of how to save energy? [Energy Collective]

Arcadia Power is looking local as it expands into community solar

The DC-based company is partnering with the DCSEU Teaming Partner New Columbia Solar to bring solar to those residents that cannot install solar panels on their own roof. [ DC]            

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