Sustainable Energy Monitor: What We're Reading in August

Catch up on the latest sustainable energy and green industry news from August.

D.C. schools saving on operational costs with energy upgrades

KIPP DC has been working with the DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) to uncover opportunities to save on their energy costs when making building upgrades and building new schools. From LED lighting and HVAC upgrades to comprehensive planning during construction, the operational savings begin to add up. [WBJ Online]

The Energy 202: Trump administration preparing to do away with Obama-era lightbulb rules, document says

The Energy Department is preparing to repeal Obama-era rules that broadened the number of lightbulbs that must meet strict energy efficiency standards, set to take effect in 2020. According to some, the energy savings lost if the last-minute Obama-era rules go away could power about 7 million homes for a year. [Washington Post]

Solar on Every Home? NREL outlines pathways to ultra low-cost residential solar

In 2016, the Department of Energy (DOE) established new cost reduction targets for PV, including a 5 ¢/kWh target for residential PV by 2030. A recent NREL report finds that innovative cost reduction strategies are likely necessary to achieve this target. [SEPA Blog]

The Leading Edge in the Nation's Capitol

Pearl Platinum homes are considered to be in the top 3% of all high-performing homes in the U.S., delivering more comfort, better indoor air quality, and lower utility bills. Nick's recently completed gut-rehab home in Washington, DC was the first non-new construction home to receive this impressive status. [Home Energy Magazine]

Energy efficiency helps rural households afford energy bills

Many residents of rural communities throughout the United States have high energy bills, often because they live in poorly insulated homes with old lighting, appliances, and furnaces. Energy efficiency and home weatherization programs can greatly reduce the energy burden on these communities and make energy bills affordable. [ACEEE Blog]

How to talk to kids about climage change?

These days, kids of all ages hear about climate change just about everywhere they turn. These nine new books (plus a few honorable mentions) were chosen by the Sierra Club to give children the facts—sometimes straight up, sometimes couched within stories—to help them learn about our changing world. [Sierra Magazine]

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