Q & A with Marina Smith, DCSEU Extern Working at Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs

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Meet one of DCSEU's Winter 2020 Externs! Marina Smith is a Sustainability Analyst at the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.

Q. How did you hear about the DCSEU's Workforce Development Program?

A. I believe it was on the DCSEU website as I was searching for employment opportunities.

Q. What interested you about the program?

A. The program provided the opportunity to break into a new career in an area of business in which I had always wanted to work.

Q. Describe the tasks and expectations of your job. What are your assignments and things that you do on the day-to-day?

A. I am working on the net-zero energy program editing the literature, am the initial client contact and provide support to the client throughout the project.  I have been reviewing the green building prescriptive paths and will be editing their flowcharts for corrections and to incorporate more detail.  I have also been assisting in automating processes by creating an electronic form which will connect to a database and provide automated email notifications.

Q. What are your goals after completing the WFD program?

A. I hope during the program that I show my potential and worth enough so that I could be able to secure full-time employment in sustainability.

Q. How do you think the DCSEU's WFD program helping you complete those goals?

A. DCSEU’s WFD provided me with an opportunity that I may have never had.  I am learning so much on the job and retaining it all because I am so interested in the subject.   

Q. What advice would you give to anyone interested in enrolling in the program?

A. Enroll if you have the desire to learn and grow in the field of sustainability.

Q. How has the WFD program helped bridge the gap between your previous career and the path you are currently on? Are there any similarities?

A. I am able to  interact with clients and data in a different, more meaningful way.

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