Q&A: Flywheel Development's Green Development Manager Amberli Young


Amberli Young is the Green Development Manager at Flywheel Development LLC. Amberli manages green building standards compliance, and contributes to project acquisition, partner engagement, and project delivery. Through Solar for All, a Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE) program, the DCSEU is working with Flywheel, and other local solar contractors, to design and install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems at no cost to income-qualified District homeowners. 

Can you describe your role, and the kind of work you're doing right now?

Sure! We work with local apartment buildings and other residences, property owners, property managers, who want to take part in the green energy economy. We help them put together plans to assess their roof. We work with installers, other roofers, and engineers to lay out a plan for a new solar system, to provide electricity on site for the residents and other benefits.

How did you get involved in the solar industry?

I have an energy efficiency background. I came from a nonprofit called the Institute for Market Transformation. I was looking for a job that was very tied to my local community, and how I can provide both energy efficiency services but also renewable energy services. So I was excited to join Flywheel, because they sort of look at sustainability pretty holistically. How we can provide benefits to residences, but also to help the city meet its goals.

What kind of training did you have to go through to kind of prepare for this?

I have a background in environmental science, but a lot of this really is being a good project manager. Being able to bring different parties together, tracking the project from start to finish, making sure we have all the materials, and then adding in some technical information or technical skills.

Why do you think Solar For All is important to DC, and for the people who work in the solar industry?

I think Solar for All has been really, extremely important in our business but also, it's an exciting program for the District as a whole. I think it allows small businesses like us to get in the game. But it also provides wider benefits to the residences beyond what a traditional solar deal might look like. We're able to work with the residents to get them a brand new roof, or provide them with other large benefits right at the beginning the project. And they'll also be able to realize the ongoing electricity bill savings for 20 years. I think that's really exciting to be able to offer both of those benefits to residences.

Any additional thoughts?

We're really excited to partner with the DCSEU on this project, and also the Department of Energy and Environment. We're grateful for their support. As a CBE real estate developer, Solar is a new business for us. And we're really excited that we're able to get these projects going with these residences. And, we're excited to be here!

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