People. Power. Purpose: Building A Lasting Impact in 2018

DCSEU Managing Director Ted Trabue reflects on the successes of 2018.

This post is an excerpt from the DCSEU FY 2018 Annual Report written by Ted Trabue, Managing Director of the DCSEU.

Last year, 2018, marks a year in which the DCSEU turned in its strongest performance ever. With a five-year contract in place, we began the year fully staffed, with a large pipeline of projects in place. This year’s strong performance contributes significantly toward our ability to meet the challenging energy savings benchmarks in Year 4 and Year 5 of the contract.

How the DCSEU performs against its benchmarks tells only part of the story. Our impact goes well beyond megawatt-hour and MMBTU savings. Our work created more than 102,500 hours of work at DC’s Living Wage and put 21 unemployed or underemployed DC residents on a path to succeed in green careers through the DCSEU Workforce Development Program. We provided opportunities for local businesses to grow, including 15 certified business enterprises (CBEs). We also helped schools and small businesses reduce their energy costs, freeing up their budgeted dollars for the classroom or stronger staffing. We are also proud to have invested $4.1 million in energy efficiency for the District's limited-income communities. The energy savings are real; but it is the non-energy measurable benefits where important impacts are felt.

The District has adopted a bold, visionary, and comprehensive energy plan for the City. The goals, driven by climate change, are to reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption by 50 percent, and to increase the amount of energy derived from renewable sources by 50 percent by 2032. The DCSEU plays a visible, exemplary role in supporting the achievement of these goals. In FY 2018 alone, we reduced annual carbon emissions by 111,000 tons.

We look forward to another year of working with the District to implement solutions that will help the city confront climate change head-on and position DC as the model city for sustainability.

Read more about the DCSEU's 2018 results in the DCSEU FY 2018 Annual Report.*

*Results pending verification by a third-party evaluation firm hired by the District Department of Energy and Environment.

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