Intern-al Review: Katrina Kavanagh

From the Sunny Westcoast, Katrina is a rising senior at American University and a rising star the DCSEU.

Where are you from?

I am originally from Sunnyvale, California, which is about an hour south of San Francisco.

What degree are you currently pursuing and what college are you attending?

I am currently pursuing a double major in Business Administration and Environmental Studies at American University in Washington, DC. I am heading into my senior year and plan on graduating in December 2021.

What would you like to do with your degree?

I am passionate about sustainability and I would like to use my degree to help make positive environmental change. Implementing reforms in the energy system is one of the best ways to do that so I would love to work in an organization that is helping to decarbonize our country.

Why did you choose to intern with VEIC/DCSEU?

I chose to intern with the DCSEU because it has a very important role in DC and learn from experts in the field while getting applicable work experience. VEIC’s mission statement and business activities resonated with my personal goals and values, so I knew it would be a company I would proud to work for.

What are you most excited for during your fellowship here at VEIC/DCSEU?

I am most excited to see the ways that energy efficiency is being implemented in real life. I have taken classes on sustainable energy before and I love seeing what I’ve studied in school be put into practice.

How do you hope to use your experience here in your future pursuits?

I hope to use the skills and knowledge I’ve learned here at the DCSEU to continue progressing towards a zero-carbon future. I have already learned so much and am excited to take this knowledge into the world in my future career.

What is your craziest skill?

My skill is that I can do a backflip! It’s crazy for me because I can’t do any other gymnastics skills.

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