Impact Across the Community: Conserving History Through Electric Lawn Care

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Making the switch to electric lawn care is a step forward to ensuring a cleaner DC community.

Grounds and garden staff at Tudor Place Historic House & Garden

It’s a fall day in the District. Red and yellow leaves decorate the streets as neighbors embrace the seasonal wind on their morning walks. Inside the historic Tudor Place property, the garden and landscaping team are busy with their seasonal clean up: trimming the trees, blowing leaves, and mowing the lawn – with a green twist.

In addition to preserving more than 200 years of Washington, DC history, these 5 and a half acres also serve as a haven for local wildlife. Today, Director of Buildings, Gardens & Grounds Allyson Whalley and her team honor the legacy of this historic property’s owners and their wishes to conserve the land. Part of this initiative includes switching to electric lawn care.

This year, when the Council of the District of Columbia banned gas leaf blowers in an effort to reduce noise pollution and CO2 emissions across the District, Tudor Place went electric. “Sustainability is part of our value system and strategic action plan. Using electric-powered equipment also makes for a nicer working environment,” said Whalley.


Eventually switching their full suite of lawn care over to electric, the team now enjoys lighter-weight equipment and less maintenance compared to the gas-powered products previously used on site. Ever cognizant of the neighborhood and wildlife surrounding the property, the staff no longer worries about smell or noise pollution.

Tudor place was awarded with $250 in total rebates for 2 electric backpack leaf blowers and an electric push mower. “We recommend companies that do purchase electric lawn care choose a full line of equipment so the batteries can be interchangeable,” said Whalley

With careful consideration for the property and regard for the surrounding environment and wildlife, making the switch to electric lawn care has proven to be a promising step in conserving this Georgetown gem for generations to come.

Ready to make the switch to electric lawn care? Learn more.

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