How to Shop for the Energy Savvy This Holiday Season

Energy-saving gift ideas for everyone on your list.

For the gamer. 

Electronics (like video game consoles) can hike up your monthly utility bill when they’re plugged in and not being used, called vampire power. Advanced power strips like this one from TrickleStar offer surge protection and reduce vampire power by automatically switching off peripheral devices when their TV or PC isn't in use.

For the smart home enthusiast. 

Smart thermostats not only save energy by learning your habits and adjusting the temperature accordingly, they can also be controlled from anywhere via wi-fi connection! The ecobee4 even has built-in Alexa voice service. Combine your $50 DCSEU rebate with Black Friday deals to get the best deal!

For the chef.

According to manufacturers, pressure cookers use up to 70% less energy than regular pots and pans. Perfect for preparing rice, beans, soups, and some meat dishes!

For the handyman. 

For less than $15 at your local hardware store, give the gift of energy savings with a window caulking tool kit. An easy DIY air sealing project can save them up to 10% on energy costs.

For the adventurer.

Whether they spend a lot of time outdoors or are just constantly on-the-go, a solar backpack offers a convenient and energy-saving way to power devices anywhere.

For the frugal-minded.

Stuff their stockings with LED light bulbs to help them save energy and money all year long. Get them for as low as $0.95 each at DCSEU partner retailers.

For the cell phone lover.

Large electronics aren't the only ones that use vampire power. Eco-friendly power sockets, like the Conserve Socket from Belkin, will automatically shut off after a designated period of time (just enough for their phone to fully charge). 

For the young scientist. 

What better way to teach kids about renewable energy than buying them a solar-powered toy? The number of solar-powered gizmos has exploded in recent years. You can even find kits for kids to build their own solar powered robots, toy cars, and more.

For the dog parent.

Though great for convenience, old fashioned dog doors can lead to energy waste and higher utility bills all year round. Give the dog lover on your list the gift of an insulated, energy-saving dog door to help keep warm air in when the pups go out.

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