Former DCSEU Staff Reflect on Serving the District

DCSEU staff have a major impact on our ability to serve and build a brighter, more sustainable future for the District.

Former DCSEU Contracts Manager, Courtney Stoner started working at the DCSEU in early 2016 right after earning a bachelor's degree from George Washington University. She currently works as a Sustainability Analyst, in the Office of Sustainability for a local university. 

“One of the things that drew me to work at the DCSEU was the diverse backgrounds of everyone on staff. I learned a lot from my coworkers, not just about energy efficiency, but about so much more. The DCSEU has so many talented, bright, and hard-working people.” 

Giuls Kunkel served as an Account Manager for the DCSEU since 2014. Throughout the years Guils has worked on many projects for the DCSEU including starting the university roundtable, a quartly discussion for local colleges and universities in the District to come together, build connections, and share knowledge about their campuses becoming greener. Giuls continues to work for VEIC, who operates the DCSEU on behalf of DOEE, on the Energy Services team in Hawaii. 

“Working at the DCSEU gives you a sense of pride. Since the DCSEU is committed to hiring DC residents, working there gives its employees a chance to make an impact on the city in which they live.” 

Hanna Greene, former DCSEU PR Manager, helped set up the DCSEU's energy savings competitions with local schools and met with students to get them engaged in energy efficiency. She currently serves as Chief of Commercial Development for a California-based power grid management solutions company. 

People, impact, community: These are the pillars of the DCSEU. It’s a mission driven team working to make a difference in their city. 

Indrajeet Viswanathan, former DCSEU Energy Consultant, helped some of the District's largest energy users determine the energy savings potential in their facilities in his time at the DCSEU. He currently serves as the Director of Energy Management & Sustainability at an Ivy League University Medical Center.

As an energy consultant, I understood the challenges of running an energy-efficient building from both the operator and engineer's lens. The valuable experiences from DCSEU allowed me to be successful in both my roles at a school district in Virginia and now at an Ivy League University. 

Shanika Benedicto, former DCSEU Program Manager, was one of the first three employees hired at the DCSEU and managed several programs at the DCSEU, including some of the DCSEU's affordable solar efforts to provide solar energy to income-qualified residents in DC. Shanika is currently a Senior Program Analyst for a federal contractor.  

“DCSEU prepared me for my next career goal in several ways. The program management skills and energy efficiency work I did in my five-year tenure gave me the knowledge I needed to work for the federal government. I also enjoyed supporting the low-income community and helping make DC a greener place. The work I did at DCSEU was very meaningful and brought me fulfillment.”
Stacy Glatting, former DCSEU Program Manager, was hired early on when the DCSEU began its work in 2011. As a manager for residential programs, Stacy set up much of the framework for the programs the DCSEU offers to District residents today. She is currently an Environmental Protection Specialist for the EPA.
"I'm grateful I found the DCSEU in my job search right out of graduate school. During my time there I grew both personally and professionally, while doing work that was impactful to the community. In addition to the friendly, supportive colleagues and inclusive work environment, the thing I enjoyed most was meeting and talking with residents at community events and local retail stores about energy efficient lighting."

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