Building the Capacity to Compete: How Train Green is Helping this Organization Thrive

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Hayat Kelil-Brown, CEO/ Managing Member of Hayat Brown, LLC

The District’s clean energy goals are some of the most aggressive across the country. DC’s Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS), along with federal investments in green infrastructure, mean increased demand for qualified firms and workers to help buildings meet code. Train Green Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Capacity Building and Pipeline Program (SEICBP) is designed to assist Certified Business Enterprises (CBEs) and CBE-eligible firms in acquiring new or enhanced skills and knowledge around energy efficiency and renewable energy design, construction, inspection, and maintenance.

Hayat Brown, LLC, a diversly staffed engineering and advisory firm, is one such CBE business taking the opportunity to increase business development and bid on more projects as DC government code standards become stricter.

“Taking the [Train Green] courses with the DCSEU was a natural fit. We want to make sure our team is trained in sustainable energy.” said Hayat Brown, CEO.

With 9 team members taking a total of 15 courses including: Introduction to Retro-Commissioning, BPI Air Conditioning Heat Pump (ACHP) Certification, and Solar System Fundamentals, Hayat Brown, LLC is preparing its staff to thrive in the growing sustainability sector.

Hayat Brown, a civil engineer, founded the organization 10 years ago. Today, their efforts are focused on working with DC government buildings, hospitals, and shelters across the District.

“The need [for energy efficiency] will arise and we’re ready,” said Brown. “Having the engineering background and the sustainable energy training will help strengthen our business.”

Train Green SEICBP has aided this CBE to empower its team of engineers, expanding their knowledge while ensuring a sustainable future for the District. “Everybody should, to the best of their ability, take care of the environment. That’s why I’m excited about the future of this industry.”


Learn more about Train Green SEICBP and get started on your journey to build capacity in the green energy sector today.

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