Add Some Green to Your Halloween

Don't get spooked by energy vampires this year! Here are some tips for an energy efficient Halloween.

Get Creative With Lighting

You can have the spookiest house on the block and still save a little on utility bills by taken advantage of the holiday and getting a little creative. Simply, turn off a few more lights and light some candles in your home. Planning on having trick-or-treaters? Invest in outdoor solar lighting to keep light the way for trick-or-treaters without adding extra cost to your electricity bill.

Turn Down The Heat

Planning on hosting a party? Lower your thermostat by about 1 or 2 degrees and take advantage of the heat produced by guests and cooking appliances. Turning down your thermostat ahead of time will help keep your guests comfortable and help you save energy.

Avoid The Chills

Check your windows, doors, and air ducts for drafts and air leaks that may cause heat to leak through. Prevent heat from escaping by sealing leaks and keep your heating systems from running up the bill.


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