10 Quotes from Former DCSEU Workforce Development Externs

Through the Workforce Development Program the DCSEU has helped District residents pursue careers in sustainability.

Since 2011 the DCSEU has helped create over 600 green jobs in the District, including through our Workforce Development Program. Through the program the DCSEU works to connect District residents who are new to the workforce, between jobs, or looking for a career change with local contractors in the green economy. Since 2016 the DCSEU has served more than 70 residents through the program. 85% of externs who graduate from the program gain full time employment. Read more about what former externs have to say about the Workforce Development Program: 

The DCSEU helped me get over the fear of getting back on into the workforce, by giving me the opportunity to learn some new skills and to develop a certain confidence that I can go out there and compete in today’s job market.  

Andre Roberson, 2019

“DCSEU Workforce Development Program was a unique opportunity for me as an international student from Ghana, to augment my scholastic education with real-world experience in an American working environment. The program was a worthwhile experience with incredible and supportive mentors.  Thus, I must say, the program literally helped me to secure my current position and I am grateful.” 

Richard Qualifono, 2017

“The Workforce Development Program has exposed me to all things Solar as well as different areas that I would not have thought could utilize my skills. I now know there is a wide range of opportunity in the solar and sustainable energy arena.” 

Yolanda Hayden, 2020

"The DCSEU’s Workforce Development program has meant a great deal to me in helping me make a change. This program has been a remarkable experience that I may not have received through any other avenue."  

Joshua Brown, 2018

"Through job skills development, on-the-job training and certifications, direct work experience with contractors, and job placement assistance, the DCSEU helps externs discover new careers in sustainability.

The Workforce Development Program was a good transition into the working world and it gave me a window that allowed me to understand more of what my life was going to look like going forward." 

Julia Winkler, 2019 

"The hands on support and encouragement of the Workforce Development staff has changed the way I see my professional possibilities."  

Kiersten Washle, 2018 

"The Workforce Development Program opened a whole other side of me that I never really knew about. It taught me to believe in myself. The program gave me the opportunity to embark on a whole different experience." 

Shannon Williams, 2018  

The Workforce Development Program works to partner externs with local contractors and other organizations, including the DCSEU. Four current DCSEU staff were former externs working in different areas of sustainability. Hear what some of them have to say about the program and working at the DCSEU.

"The Workforce Development Program gave me the opportunity to learn and work with great mentors in the sustainability field." 

Eddie Friebe, 2018
DCSEU Energy Associate 

"Through Gleniss Wade and the Workforce Development Program, I’ve inherited a lifelong mentor who still provides continuous support and aid." 

London Summers, 2017
DCSEU Financial Project Coordinator

“I am very grateful to the DCSEU Workforce Development Program for giving me the opportunity to transition careers into an area of business with great purpose and one in which I had always hoped to participate. The training I received and my supervisors, mentors, and colleagues could not have been better to get me to a good level of understanding of the industry.  

Marina Smith, 2020
DCSEU Account Manager

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