• DCSEU Engineers Get Their Hands Dirty


    The DCSEU engineering team takes a “hands on” approach to everything they do. When Bread for the City began working on its Southeast rooftop garden in Anacostia, nine engineers from the DCSEU’s engineering team jumped right in and got busy working.

  • Sustainable Energy Monitor: What We're Reading in November


    IPCC Report and the Missing Dialogue in US Environmentalism

    “[E]quity, poverty alleviation and sustainable development” are each a critical compliment to addressing climate change. In other words, …

  • Lighting the Way for Energy Justice


    Energy justice—the application of ethical principles to reducing the energy burden on disadvantaged and vulnerable populations—is incredibly important here in the District of Columbia. For many …
  • How to Shop for the Energy Savvy This Holiday Season


    For the gamer. 

    Electronics (like video game consoles) can hike up your monthly utility bill when they’re plugged in and not being used, called vampire power. Advanced power strips like this one …