Local businesses and residents are benefiting from energy efficiency, and it’s about more than just saving energy and money.

Read the stories below to learn more about the impact the DCSEU is making in the District.

People. Power. Pride.

Greenscape got its start in energy efficiency performing weatherization work in single-family homes in DC, and has been working with the DCSEU since 2011.

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People. Power. Passion.

Right Proper prides itself on being an affordable, approachable neighborhood gathering place, and at the same time being as sustainable as possible. That led them to take the first step towards saving energy by working with the DCSEU.

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People. Power. Promise.

KIPP DC has been working with the DCSEU for several years to uncover opportunities to save on their energy costs when making upgrades on existing buildings and building new schools.

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People. Power. Potential.

As part of DCSEU’s Workforce Development Program, Joshua Brown began and eventually completed Building Operator Certification classes, and also received weekly skills trainings at the DCSEU.

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Tell us how saving energy is making an impact in your home or business.