Lighting Matters

Upgrading to high-performance T8 (HPT8) lighting significantly reduces operating costs for Johnny’s Half Shell.

As a small business owner, I want to make a contribution to the environment. And I think that even though I am a small business … this would be a significant contribution.

John Fulchino, Partner & Founder of Johnny’s Half Shell

Restaurants are costly businesses, consuming two to three times the electricity per square foot of traditional office spaces. When landmark restaurant Johnny’s Half Shell needed a plan to reduce its energy bills, the DCSEU provided one. In the kitchen, laundry, and utility areas, 57 T12 fluorescent light fixtures were replaced with high-performance T8 lighting. T8 lamps use fewer watts, shine brighter, and last longer than their T12 counterparts. This improvement, along with the replacement of the exit signs’ incandescent bulbs with more efficient LEDs, will reduce the restaurant’s lighting costs by 40% each year, saving more than $2,800 annually.