Home Energy Conservation Kit

The DCSEU’s Home Energy Conservation Kits help you save on your electric, gas, and water bill each month. Save energy and money with an item for every room in your home. 

Each kit contains 6 omni-direction LED lightbulbs, an advanced power strip, and a bathroom faucet aerator. By replacing any outdated incandescent lighting in your home and using the advanced power strip and faucet aerator as directed in the kit, you could save up to $40 a year on energy costs.

Purchase a kit for $10 to unlock additional energy savings in your home.

Purchase a $10 Kit

Energy Kit Unboxing Video

See for yourself the contents inside the DCSEU’s Home Energy Conservation Kits, valued at $50, with this unboxing video:

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The DCSEU has partnered with Techniart to provide Home Energy Conservation Kits at a discount. Only District of Columbia residents are eligible to purchase $10 DCSEU Home Energy Conservation Kits and kits must be delivered to a DC address. Kits are available while supplies last.