Helping Contractors Grow

Together with the DCSEU, contractors like Greenscape are expanding their business and serving their communities.

“We have used the things we have learned, the experience we have gained, and the relationships we have built working with the DCSEU to expand into energy efficiency work in Maryland and Virginia."

Antonio Harrison, Greenscape Environmental Services

Greenscape got its start in energy efficiency performing weatherization work in single-family homes in DC, and has been working with the DCSEU since 2011. Since then, they’ve expanded their business to include electrical, HVAC, and solar work in large commercial and multifamily facilities in the District and beyond, helping thousands of residents and businesses save money on their energy bills.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy work also allows companies like Greenscape to bring good job opportunities to the community. “It gives room for people to learn a skill in a short period of time, take it back into their community, and then grow from that and pick up high-level skills that, if pursued and invested in, can sustain their families,” says Harrison.

Greenscape also has a particular focus on small businesses and buildings that serve low-income residents. “We want to bring programs like the ones that the DCSEU offers to communities that may not know about them and make sure those communities know how to take advantage of them and the benefits they can have,” adds Harrison.