What is a Home Energy Audit?

It is an assessment of where your house is losing energy, specifically trouble spots that can be fixed to make your home more energy efficient.

The 2 most common types of energy audits are:

The DCSEU doesn’t perform energy audits, but we can help you find a qualified contractor.

Homeowners are encouraged to contact DCSEU with questions and energy efficiency guidance, or for help selecting a contractor.

Reasons to get a professional energy audit in DC

  1. Qualified Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractors will guide you through the process of improving the energy efficiency of your home and identifying financial incentives.
  2. A whole-house energy audit focuses on ways to make your home comfortable, energy efficient, and healthy. A comprehensive audit includes checking for air leaks, examining insulation, inspecting heating and cooling equipment and ductwork, and performing a blower door test.
  3. All homes are different and need to be evaluated individually. It takes a home energy professional to evaluate your home and your family’s specific needs.

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