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If you are washing dishes by hand or using a dishwasher made before 1994, you are paying an extra $40 in annual energy costs.

When it’s time to purchase a new dishwasher, choose a new ENERGY STAR® model.

Energy Information

Yearly Cost Savings:

$40 vs. standard non-ENERGY STAR Models

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Save even more water and energy with these tips

  • Save yourself the rinsing—just scrape food off dishes. Rinsing dishes can use up to 20 gallons of water before the dishes are even loaded.
  • If your dirty dishes sit overnight, use your dishwasher’s rinse feature. It uses a fraction of the water needed to hand rinse.
  • Run full loads whenever possible. Dishwashers use about the same amount of energy and water regardless of the number of dishes inside.
  • Select the no-heat drying option. It gives good drying results with less energy.

Dishwasher Buying Guidance

When shopping for a new dishwasher, look for the ENERGY STAR label to find one that uses minimal amounts of water and energy. They are required to use 5.8 gallons of water per cycle or less. Dishwashers purchased before 1994 use more than 10 gallons of water per cycle.

Two Steps to show for an energy efficient appliance infographic


The DCSEU recommends the purchase of ENERGY STAR dishwasher for energy and water saving.

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Best Buy - Annapolis
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M&M Appliance Sales and Service, Inc.
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Washington, DC 20011
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Lowes - Washington, DC
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2438 Market St NE
Washington, DC 20018
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8449 Leesburg Pike
Vienna, VA 22182
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