Energy Savings Right Around the Corner

The DCSEU partners with 53 retailers in all of the City's eight Wards to buy down customers' costs of energy efficient lighting.

By partnering with the DCSEU to offer discounted light bulbs that are high quality and energy efficient, we’re able to help our customers make smart decisions that help them save both energy and money.

Elizabeth England, Marketing Manager, Yes! Organic Market

Yes! Organic Market is a local grocer offering fresh, natural, and organic foods in six locations across the District. In some cases, Yes! Organic is the only health- and sustainability-conscious grocery store in the neighborhood, serving a diverse customer base composed of homeowners and renters of all ages and income levels. In FY 2014, Yes! Organic decided to have all six of its DC stores participate—up from three stores in FY 2013—to ensure that all of its customers have access to affordable efficient lighting.